EZ StretchNFlex helps you stretch your spine to relieve compressed discs.EZ StretchNFlex was engineered to relieve pressure from key points known to cause back pain. Affordable - it saves chiropractic, physician and prescription costs.

A SAFE, EFFECTIVE Stretch Can Help You Start to Feel Better in Minutes!

As seen on TVThe EZ StretchNFlex back stretching machine delivers fast results without invasive treatments, drugs, or hanging up-side down. Today, the EZ StretchNFlex back stretcher is helping individuals just like you relieve lower back pain in the comfort of their own home. Just a few minutes a day to start, and you are on your way to lasting relief of lower back pain with the EZ StretchNFlex spine stretcher.

EZ StretchNFlex is the easy and affordable back stretch machine which will
ease the key pressure points that cause your back pain.


  • Easy to use.
    You control the stretch with manual pull handles. This is vastly superior to the strap-type stretchers which basically just drag you across the floor.
  • Comfortable.
    Padded support without putting your body in uncomfortable or difficult positions.
    You don't have to be near a door frame like many other back stretchers.
  • Easy to store.
    Telescoping main frame makes it great for travel and easy to store.
  • Durable.
    Made of high grade aluminum to withstand extended use.
  • Non-surgical.
    A non-invasive way to treat pain and save cost of prescription drugs.
  • Affordable.
    Less than the cost of most office visits.
  • Works for most heights or weights.
    Adjustable to fit a large range of sizes.

EZ StretchNFlex Back Care System
ONLY $49.95

back stretch machine
for Users 6'- 4" and taller
ONLY $19.95

(+$2.95 S&H)
back stretch machine

EZ StretchNFlex - the proven way to alleviate back pain!

  • Includes free DVD
  • Guaranteed to work or you get a full refund

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back stretch machineI would recommend it to anybody who’s experiencing any kind of back pain at all especially to patients of mine who may be looking at surgery or some other kind of alternative solution for relieving back pain.”
Jenny, RN, Kansas  * Please see DISCLAIMER at the bottom of this page.


spine stretcherThe doctor’s kept saying there’s nothing they could do… my pain was to the point that I was just being treated with pain medicine. Using EZ StretchNFlex gave me instantaneous relief. On a scale of 1-10, it took it down from an 8 to about a 4 in 5 minutes.”
Mike, Santa Maria, CA  * Please see DISCLAIMER at the bottom of this page.