EZ StretchNFlex helps you stretch your spine to relieve compressed discs. EZ StretchNFlex was engineered to relieve pressure from key points known to cause back pain. Affordable - it saves chiropractic, physician and prescription costs.

Back Pain Basics & Chronic Lower Back Pain Relief

Back ache illustrationAnyone who has suffered chronic lower back pain understands how debilitating it can be. Back pain can be among the most difficult and frustrating problems for both patients and their doctors who struggle to find lasting relief. Too often chronic back pain sufferers are relegated to daily medications… to simply get through the day. Even worse, many turn to dangerous prescription medications or surgery to find relief from chronic upper or lower back pain.

EZ StretchNFlex was developed by Vince Carlson, a long time back pain sufferer...after numerous doctor visits, physical therapy appointments and prescriptions did nothing to relieve his middle and lower back pain. He also turned to some of the "other" popular back pain relief equipment on the market...and still couldn’t find relief. That’s when he decided to research to find out what causes back pain and what is needed to correct it.

Chiropractors know that chronic back pain relief can be greatly helped by stretching of the back and spine.  They pay big money for traction machines that are designed to stretch your spine and relieve the pressure and allow your disks to expand and rehydrate.  These fancy machines cost many thousands of dollars, and can be very helpful. But obviously these are not practical for home use.

EZ StretchNFlex was specifically designed to relieve the key pressure points that are known to cause back pain. Unlike many of the competing back stretchers which rely on straps and may not give an even stretch, the EZ StretchNFlex provides a complete stretch of the entire back. Its streamlined design and sturdy construction means that you will get years of use and fast relief from occasional or chronic back pain, just like Vince has.

Best of all, EZ StretchNFlex is affordable. For less than the cost of most doctor visits, you can enjoy a full day of activities again –without pain, prescriptions or doctors!  Or if you visit a chiropractor for back pain relief, many of our users find they can reduce the frequency of their visits, thus meaning the EZ StretchNFlex literally pays for itself. 

If you are suffering from middle back pain, upper back pain, or the very prevalent lower back pain,
Try EZ StretchNFlex RISK FREE. 
If you don't feel relief from your back pain,
Return it within 30 days for a full refund
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EZ StretchNFlex Back Care System
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Chronic Lower Back Pain Relief
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Chronic Lower Back Pain Relief

EZ StretchNFlex - the proven way to alleviate back pain!

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client Testimonials“I was having lower back pain -after I lifted something heavy, that would last about a week. With EZ StretchNFlex, I could feel the stretching in the lower back, and the next day my pain was gone.”
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