EZ StretchNFlex helps you stretch your spine to relieve compressed discs.EZ StretchNFlex was engineered to relieve pressure from key points known to cause back pain. Affordable - it saves chiropractic, physician and prescription costs.

Ezstretchnflex Vs. Inversion Tables

Are you looking to relieve your lower back pain and don't know where to start? There are reviews all over the internet, but when you look at the articles, are they really promoting their own product? How do you know for sure that the review is un-biased?

The best way to know is to do your own research based on your own unique symptoms. Most of the products that are on the market today have a 30 day (minimum) return policy and if the particular product that you buy doesn't work for you, there is a method to get your money back and be rid of the useless product. The down side is that you still have back pain, but if you do enough research you can narrow down the selection of devices pretty easily.

If you are thinking about a hang-up type machine vs. a standard vertical device, then there is the first consideration: Do you want to hang up-side down to relieve your lower back pain? If you think that the blood running to your head is not too bad a thing, then maybe it is for you.

What about being in complete control of the machine when you are using it? When you turn up-side down on an inversion type machine, are you really in control? Are you secured in the device before you start the hang-up process? Do you know that it won't hurt your back before you start the incline position? Can you get back up-right again easily when you are done? Without help? That might be crucial.

With an EZSTRETCHNFLEX back stretcher you lie down on a floor, mat, or bed during the stretch. When you use the device you are in complete control of the process from beginning to end. You can stop at any time while stretching if the stretch is too intense for your particular symptoms or back problem. You can stop the stretch and lie idle for a short time and begin again and never have to move your body position, which allows the stretch that you have done to really be effective. It is a simple stretching device that can be used anywhere, and it doesn't take up a lot of room in the house to own it like many inversion tables do.

So, the EZSTRETCHNFLEX back stretcher is worth a look if you want an in-expensive, self-healing type product for in home use. As I mentioned, there are a lot of back stretching devices out there, but the EZSTRETCHNFLEX back stretcher is a simple, safe, and easy to use device that is really starting to catch on with a lot of people who suffer from lower back pain.



client Testimonials“I’ve been experiencing back pain and hip trouble for 10 -15 years. I noticed relief immediately… the next day the severe pain was gone.  It saves me that trip to the chiropractor.”
Bob, Greely, CO

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