EZ StretchNFlex helps you stretch your spine to relieve compressed discs.EZ StretchNFlex was engineered to relieve pressure from key points known to cause back pain. Affordable - it saves chiropractic, physician and prescription costs.

Ezstretchnflex Vs Lynx P3 Back Stretcher

As we know there are a lot of different styles of back stretching devices out on the market today. When we are looking for the right one, how do we know which one is best suited for our needs?

One currently on the market is the Lynx P3 style back stretcher. It is available in many places and seems to be fairly popular. When looking at the unit, it looks compact enough and designed well enough. But; to use this device it is necessary to work your upper arm muscles to create the stretch in your lower back.

To use the Lynx P3 you have to push downward to create a stretch. This tends to make a person tense up a bit as you are stretching which works against any healthy, relaxed stretching that you are trying to accomplish. When your muscles are engaged and tense while stretching, it would only make sense that the stretch would not be really healthy or optimal.

When using the EZSTRETCHNFLEX back stretcher, you are pulling down on the pull handles in a fashion that is natural to the body, pulling down is more natural than pushing away, and allows the body to relax more while stretching. This allows the vertebra to realign easier and lets the amniotic fluid flow back into the areas that need it, resulting in a better and more ergonomic stretch.

Again, it depends on what you are trying to accomplish, but for a lower back pain sufferer, simple is the best method to use. The EZSTRETCHNFLEX back stretcher also offers a more complete stretch, beginning from under the arms all the way to your ankles, a bit more of a complete stretch than the Lynx P3 device is capable of giving.



client Testimonials“I’ve been experiencing back pain and hip trouble for 10 -15 years. I noticed relief immediately… the next day the severe pain was gone.  It saves me that trip to the chiropractor.”
Bob, Greely, CO

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