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Tips on How to Avoid Back Pain

Back pain is experienced by about one-fourth of all adults in the United States. And it’s been reported that in a three-month time frame - adults experience at least one day of back pain. It is one of our society’s most common medical problems causing loss of work as well as time and money spent on care.

Lower back pain can be extremely painful but can often be prevented by paying attention to what you can and can’t do. Bad posture, too much weight lifting, strenuous work etc., can all lead to back pain if you don’t take certain preventative measures. 

An aggravated condition often leads to major complications and may require surgery or long-term medication if the problem persists. Your spine is the backbone of survival and by following these tips, you can lessen your chances of suffering from back pain.

Tips to Avoid Back Pain

Light to moderate exercise is the key to good back health. It’s recommended that you spend about half an hour a day doing some type of physical exercise. Maintaining a health weight not only makes you feel better about your physical appearance, it also exerts less pressure on the back. Excess body weight can strain your back and cause pain..

Divide weight in both hands:
When carrying heavy items like office or shopping bags, divide the weight equally. Do not load everything on one shoulder. Balancing the weight as evenly as possible puts less strain on your back.

Don't wear high heels:
High heels might look good, but they’re not good for your back. They can aggravate a bad back because wearing them causes a shift in weight that can make the condition worse. If you must wear them, try to keep it at a minimum.

Wear comfortable shoes:
If you have hectic lifestyle and have to do the running around ever so often, then it is important to wear comfortable shoes. This will prevent lower back pain and keep your energy levels up. Tired feet is equal to a tired back and tired mind.

Stand erect:
Spread your body weight equally over both your legs. Do not stand on one foot and exert the entire body weight to one side. Keep your back arched while standing and sitting. Your posture plays an important role in your back health. Standing and sitting erect is an effective remedy for backache.

Back pain can be avoided by exercising precaution and care. Do not overlook the first signs of lower back pain. Regular exercise and stretching of the back are also a very good way to help your back stay healthy.



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