EZ StretchNFlex helps you stretch your spine to relieve compressed discs. EZ StretchNFlex was engineered to relieve pressure from key points known to cause back pain. Affordable - it saves chiropractic, physician and prescription costs.

FAQ's about the EZ StretchNFlex Back Stretcher

How does it work?

EZ StrechNFlex is the natural way to relieve pain. It gently stretches the spine while alleviating pressure on the disk and strengthening the back muscles.

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How often should I use it?

The first time you use EZ StrechNFlex, recommended use is for 5-10 minutes. Use daily for the first week, and then make it part of your regular exercise routine once or twice a week.

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What makes it different from other back stretchers?

EZ StrechNFlex is easy to use and provides instant relief. Simply lay on a hard surface or on a mat in the comfort of your home. You determine the stretch that feels right for you. No hanging upside down or maneuvering your body in to uncomfortable positions.

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Are there conditions when I should not use it?

Don’t use if you have recently had major back surgery or if your physician instructed you not to stretch or exercise. ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE USE OF ANY STRETCHING OR EXERCISE EQUIPMENT

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Should I use it when I don’t have back pain?

Yes. When you use EZ StrechNFlex you not only stretch your lower back, you also stretch your hips, mid-back region, legs and abs.

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How much does it weigh?

5 pounds

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I lost my instructions. Where can I get them?

The DVD has all the information that you need to assemble and use your EZ StrechNFlex ,however, if you’d like another copy of the written instructions call EZStretcNFlex during business hours or email: info@ezstretchnflex.com

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Does EZ StrechNFlex come with a guarantee?

Yes. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with your result, or if your product is defective, contact customer service for a return authorization number within 30 days of the purchase date.

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  * Please see DISCLAIMER at the bottom of this page.


client Testimonials“I’ve actually postponed going to physical therapy because of the results I’ve had using EZ StretchNFlex… “

Shandra Lee, Westminster, CO  * Please see DISCLAIMER at the bottom of this page.

client Testimonials“I would recommend it to anybody who’s experiencing any kind of back pain at all especially to patients of mine who may be looking at surgery or some other kind of alternative solution for relieving back pain.”

Jenny, RN, Kansas  * Please see DISCLAIMER at the bottom of this page.

client Testimonials“I’ve been experiencing back pain and hip trouble for 10 -15 years. I noticed relief immediately… the next day the severe pain was gone.  It saves me that trip to the chiropractor.”

Bob, Greely, CO  * Please see DISCLAIMER at the bottom of this page.

client Testimonials“I was having lower back pain -after I lifted something heavy, that would last about a week. With EZ StretchNFlex, I could feel the stretching in the lower back, and the next day my pain was gone.”

John, Norton,Kansas  * Please see DISCLAIMER at the bottom of this page.

client TestimonialsI have a herniated disk… I’d been going through decompression with a chiropractor… this gives me the same sensation and is considerably cheaper.

Kevin, NW, Kansas  * Please see DISCLAIMER at the bottom of this page.

client Testimonials“The doctor’s kept saying there’s nothing they could do… my pain was to the point that I was just being treated with pain medicine. Using EZ StretchNFlex gave me instantaneous relief. On a scale of 1-10, it took it down from an 8 to about a 4 in 5 minutes.

Mike, Santa Maria, CA  * Please see DISCLAIMER at the bottom of this page.